The Blaze Orange 3D Leaf Camo Suit

A revolutionary new concept in safe yet effective hunting camouflage clothes


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Hunting clothes, 3D camo and ghillie suits are designed to make you invisible to hunters as well as deer. With their browns and green colors, they are perfect in blending into their surroundings.

Most ghillie suits are not designed with hunting in mind, they are used for paintball and airsoft. The See3D™ ghillie suit was designed specifically for hunting.

Designed to be highly visible to hunters, yet with its 3D camo pattern, invisible to deer. The See3D™ suit is able to blend perfectly into the background when seen in black and white. Now, you can be confident that you are safe yet still perfectly camouflaged.

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Orange Hunting Camouflage

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Camo Suit Sizing

Our Camo Suits are cut baggy and designed, if needed, to go over the top of other clothes.

For example, here in Vermont late deer season can get cold with snow on the ground, so our suits are cut to wear a warm coat underneath.

Our sizes are organized by height:

If you are hunting in an area where you won't be layering, then these sizes can be ordered as is. If you anticipated layering bulky clothes or are heavier for your height, then consider a size up.

More specific measurements in inches are (note waist is elastic)

Length 42 44 44
Waist 30-38 32-48 34-52
Hipline 48 52 56
Chest 51 55 58
Sleeve 33 34 36