Maryland Laws Now Require Orange On Private Land

Maryland Laws Now Require Orange On Private Land

July 18, 2017

For the four decades I've been hunting, and well before that, landowners who hunt on their own property have always been exempt from the hunter orange requirements. No more.

Is this a big deal? Well, yes and no. Hunter safety orange is required for many types of hunting and it's always a safe thing to wear. Other hunters can see you better and not mistake you for the animal they're after. I think every hunter agrees that wearing hunter orange during gun seasons for deer and small game is a good idea.

But as I mentioned above, landowners have always been exempt from that requirement on their own property. Most still wear the hunter orange when heading into the deer woods, but I don't know any landowners who believe the DNR should be able to dictate a dress code to a taxpaying landowner on their own place.

Landowners on their own property are often at the ready even when they aren't hunting. I've often split wood behind the shed during deer season with the rifle nearby just in case something walked into the field. Most farmers keep a rifle handy when in the field or working on equipment for the same reason. Pick that rifle up and shoot a deer now, on your own place, in season, but just wearing your normal work clothes or coveralls? You'll have a hefty fine and ticket coming your way.


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Camo Suit Sizing

Our Camo Suits are cut baggy and designed, if needed, to go over the top of other clothes.

For example, here in Vermont late deer season can get cold with snow on the ground, so our suits are cut to wear a warm coat underneath.

Our sizes are organized by height:

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