See3D Puts Hunting on Hold to Help with Hurricane Irma

See3D Puts Hunting on Hold to Help with Hurricane Irma

October 01, 2017

Hunting seasons are starting around the country but in the southern coastal states and the Virgin Islands, people were reeling from the worst hurricane to hit in decades - Irma.

Team See3D put its business on hold for three weeks to volunteer in the Virgin Islands helping with search and rescue efforts and delivering aid.


Joining with Upper Valley Rescue, a volunteer search and rescue team based in Vermont and New Hampshire, we arrived on September to destruction and chaos on the island of Tortola.

The team immediately began coordinating with Royal Marines to provide real-time intelligence and distribution of aid to places unreachable by larger aid distribution points.

See3D and UV Rescue hurricane Irma

Housing on the island has been destroyed, and the main industry - tourism - will take months to recover.

Most families are without a roof, and many houses are missing walls. In the last week, food and water is no longer a shortage, but help with building materials and construction is desperately needed.

Houses destroyed on Tortola by Irma

This first-hand photo is actually a house. The kitchen counter and fridge are still there, even though the walls and roof were ripped off by Irma.


If you would like to make a donation, please read more about Virgin Unite's efforts:

To see more photos of the devastation, visit the UV Rescue album on Google:

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Camo Suit Sizing

Our Camo Suits are cut baggy and designed, if needed, to go over the top of other clothes.

For example, here in Vermont late deer season can get cold with snow on the ground, so our suits are cut to wear a warm coat underneath.

Our sizes are organized by height:

If you are hunting in an area where you won't be layering, then these sizes can be ordered as is. If you anticipated layering bulky clothes or are heavier for your height, then consider a size up.

More specific measurements in inches are (note waist is elastic)

Length 42 44 44
Waist 30-38 32-48 34-52
Hipline 48 52 56
Chest 51 55 58
Sleeve 33 34 36